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Rapids DBaaS Cloud System Architecture
Product Strength
Product Features

The Rapids Cloud is composed of a series of physical hosts on a cloud-based architecture to form an operational resource pool that is centrally managed and regulated by the Rapids Management Server. The Management Server accepts the resource request submitted by the user and further processes and verifies it. The approved request will be sent to a member server in the computing resource allocation pool in order to create a cluster for the user to use.

  • Real time                   The unique technology provided by combining the three core components of the Parallel R processing, the federated correlation analysis and the streaming database enables sophisticated real-time processing and analysis.
  • High performance Requests to analyze terabyte volumes of data are fulfilled in seconds allowing for flexible, real-time business portfolio analysis.
  • High compatibility Provide a strong data processing and analysis platform, compatible with a variety of conventional and new SQL-based Business Intelligence (BI) products.
  • High cost-effectiveness Seamlessly integrates all of the core components required for data operations, and provides consistent user experience with minimal maintenance costs.
  • Life cycle management Introduce life cycle management to enable idle resources to be recycled in a timely manner.
  • 01 Fast and standardized deployment, which can improve the installation and configuration efficiency of small or large scale clusters.
  • 02 Easily scalable to improve equipment resource utilization for maximum performance, concurrency and availability.
  • 03 Hardware resource pool management maximizes utilization of hardware resources and improves infrastructure flexibility.
  • 04 Life cycle management enables timely recovery of idled resources.


Cloud Deployment User Image

Direct User
  • Directly log onto the Cloud platform
  • No need to install the software
  • Provide real-time analysis of business operations

Cloud Deployment SaaS Service Provider

SaaS Service Provider
  • Provide various conventional and new SQL-based BI products with the strongest underlying data processing and analysis platforms
  • Better compatibility

Large Companies
  • Deploy the entire SaaS system embedded with visualization analysis needs on your private Cloud
  • Better meet the company's internal big data analysis needs