Rapids Data One-Stop High-Performance Real-Time Big Data Analytics Platform

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Rapids Hadoop
Rapids StreamDB
Rapids ParallelAI
Rapids DBaaS Cloud
x86 All-In-One Machine

RapidsDB - ISO standard-based, in-memory big data analytics platform

RapidsDB accesses and processes data directly in memory. No wait time of loading data from disk to memory is needed. Query processing request is broken up into many smaller tasks, which are distributed intelligently and executed in parallel across nodes for real-time processing and analysis. The distributed architecture of RapidsDB allows a horizontal expansion of hardware. Additional nodes can be added to clusters to meet ever-growing business demand. The unique embedded federated connector system enables users to access various data sources with industry-standard SQL and JDBC interfaces, dispensing with  the traditional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process and unnecessary data migration.
  • Distributed, MPP, shared-nothing in-memory database
  • Unified ANSI SQL query support for multiple data sources
  • Adaptive query pushdown and dynamic query optimization
  • Supports multiple table joins across nodes
  • Supports TPC-H and TPC-DS levels of complicated query analysis

Rapids Hadoop

Based on open source Apache Hadoop technology, Rapids Hadoop is dedicated to helping enterprises build data lakes in a short period of time through strictly size-controlled installation packages. The pre-loaded Hadoop with optimized configurations ensures fast deployment of large-scale clusters.

Through the federated HDFS Connector, CSV (delimited) Parquet and ORC format data can be extracted from Hadoop and consolidated with other federated data sources including streaming data for real-time big data analysis in RapidsDB.

  • Open source-based Hadoop technology that supports batch processing and real-time analysis of heterogeneous big data
  • Provides various SQL-on-Hadoop analytical application tools
  • Preset optimized Hadoop configuration that promotes high-speed deployment of large-scale clusters
  • Supports cloud computing configurations including IaaS, YARN, and Mesos
  • Integrates and authenticates various open source ETL and BI applications
  • Provides a rich collection of APIs

Rapids StreamDB - ISO standard-based, in-memory streaming data processing engine

StreamDB is an in-memory and distributed stream database that can continuously analyze streaming data within milliseconds. High-velocity data streams (real-time big data) can be distributed to high-speed memory processing clusters to achieve real-time analysis and processing, breaking through the performance bottleneck of the traditional framework of storing data first before getting it processed.

  • Millisecond-level real-time data processing and computing
  • Fully compatible with ANSI SQL and a variety of window functions
  • Incremental data refresh
  • Supports multiple data source integration

Rapids ParallelAI- AI-enabled big data analytics

ParallelAI is an AI-enabled analytics platform with an in-memory, distributed, parallel implementation of the R language and the R operating environment integrated within a RapidsDB cluster. It enables users to apply machine learning against data being managed by RapidsDB.

Rapids ParallelAI currently supports 20 popular algorithms in 4 categories for complex modeling.

  • Statistical analysis
  • Ensembles
  • Deep neural networks
  • Dimension reduction

Rapids DBaaS Cloud

Rapids DBaas Cloud is composed of a series of physical hosts in a cloud-based architecture to form an operational resource pool that is centrally managed and regulated by the Rapids Management Server. Once a request is approved by the Rapids Management Server, it is sent to a member server in the computing resource pool to create a cluster for the user to use.

  • Fast and standardized deployment of large-scale clusters
  • Flexible and convenient expansion
  • Maximized hardware resource utilization
  • Timely recovery of idled resources based on the life cycle management

x86-based All-in-One Machine – low development and operating costs

Teaming up with industry-leading server manufacturers to deliver industry-standard  and cost-efficient x86 servers that have the Rapids Data Platform pre-installed to provide high-performance, all-in-one big data storage and analytics solutions.

  • Cost-efficient all-in-one machine
  • Guaranteed high-performance