Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis

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Economic development often displays a characteristic waveform. It is particularly important to understand the current state of economy. Big data provides reliable methods for accurate and timely economic decision-making.

When the acquisition of data depends on the more traditional methods, such as sample surveys, the data coverage is narrow, error-prone and subjective, unable to timely reflect current market conditions, thus negatively affecting decision-making. Besides the computation of standard economic indicators, there is a lack of multidimensional analysis and an effective economic forecasting model.

Develop a unified big data platform to unify data access interfaces and open data interfaces. Conduct unified management and integration of data from different sources and formats. Realize dynamic capturing of Internet data across the board.

Create access to real-time data and make information queryable in real time. Conduct multi-dimensional analysis and multi-caliber comparative analysis of different industries and different economic indicators, and provide custom analysis functions. Apply distributed data mining technology for forecast and prediction of industrial economic indicators such as commodity retail, healthcare, light industry, transportation, and communications.

  • 01 Allow data volumes and formats expansion and maintain high quality of data.
  • 02 Create access to real-time data and deliver reliable query response.
  • 03 Collect and run multiple streams of data more easily and quickly and instantly analyze against historical data using standard SQL.
  • 04 Improve data sharing by promoting cross-department operational synergy and overcome challenges posed by data silos across the organization.¬†
  • 01 Allow users to flexibly and quickly grasp the current economic trends and uncover new opportunities.
  • 02 Provide reference for company decision-makers to formulate development strategies.
  • 03 Provide high-quality, low-cost rich economic development related information.