Company News: 2023 RapidsDB New Product Launch Press Conference

RapidsDB hosted the 2023 RapidsDB New Product Launch Press Conference in Beijing, China today. The event unveiled the company’s new data intelligence product lineup, which offers technical and business solutions to empower customers and partners with the ability to harness intelligent data for increased productivity. The initiative is designed to help various industries accelerate the digital transformation. Several local government officials as well as many partners of RapidsDB and media members have attended the conference.

Wenfeng Li, the Deputy Director of Chaoyang Industrial Park management Committee of Beijing Zhongguancun, delivered a speech emphasizing the significance of data as a key element in supporting the Chinese digital economy. While data and artificial intelligence (AI) have become strong driving forces for enterprises to embark on the digital transformation journey, poor data quality and limited computing power continue to hinder the data value realization. To overcome this challenge, there is an urgent need for cloud-based, intelligent, and standardized data computing products and services that can provide high-performance, cost-effective data processing and analytics solutions while ensuring data reliability and compliance.

Jun Ma, the co-founder, global VP, and CTO of RapidsDB, introduced the company’s new product matrix featuring four core products, which include the in-memory, distributed database of RapidsDB, the unified data streaming lakehouse of Rapids Lakehouse, the end-to-end machine learning modeling and management platform of Rapids AIworkflow, and the intelligent data delivery platform of Rapids Data Cloud. This comprehensive set of products covers the entire data lifecycle, from data management to data analysis, providing customers with modernized data intelligence products and solutions underpinned by robust computing power and cloud-native technologies. The full data stack is designed to fulfill customer requirements for a high performant, standardized, highly available, automated, and highly efficient data infrastructure that can help various industries accelerate business growth and innovation by increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost.

Ruimin Liu, the Chairman and Chief Scientist of RapidsDB, stated that the company is committing to providing strategic upgrades in big data, cloud computing and AI technologies to support the improvement of industrial intelligence. He emphasized that RapidsDB will follow information innovation guidelines and work responsibly with upstream and downstream partners to build an advanced tech ecosystem that promotes domestic and international standards.

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