Company News: RapidsDB Has Received a Major Strategic Investment

Boray Data has recently received a strategic investment of more than 100 million RMB (approximately 14.3 million USD) from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the municipal governments of Beijing, Hefei, and Shanghai. The investment has been seen as another achievement that the company has progressed to become a global leader in big data and artificial intelligence technologies, who has the ability of developing core technologies independently and owning intellectual property patent rights. It also shows the confidence of the capital market to provide key opportunities of the Chinese digital economy and support the development of innovative IT technologies.

As digital economy plays a critical role in the Chinese economic modernization strategy, technology localization offers a strong foundation to support the digital transformation. Database technology is the software backbone to boost data computing power. As one of the few Chinese science and technology companies that owns domestic and international database technology patents, Boray Data has made great breakthroughs by establishing a complete product system of data computing and intelligence and creating industry standards. The company has served many well-known companies of various industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, energy, and government sectors. It has been recognized as a reputable big data product, service, and solution provider and reliable partner.

Boray Data has planned to expand partnership to enhance business ecosystem and industry groups to create competitive advantages in the global market. It will continue to contribute to the integration of traditional and digital economy of China and provide standardized products and innovative technologies to help enterprises build strong and extensive use cases.

In the next couple of months, Boray Data will close more strategic financing deals on a large scale. The company is committed to leveraging the new capital to develop more groundbreaking technologies and expand the domestic and international market in the coming new year.