Company News: YIT Signs Partnership Agreement with RapidsDB


Yip In Tsoi & Co, Ltd. (YIT), one of the leading system integrators in Thailand, has signed the Partnership Agreement with RapidsDB Pte Ltd. of Singapore (RapidsDB) in April 2022. YIT has been in the IT business for over three decades. It has a complete range of hardware, software and service solutions to serve all aspects of IT needs, with Sun Microsystems and Oracle as two of their top technology vendors. RapidsDB is an industry leader in the research and development of big data real-time processing. The RapidsDB Unified Big Data Platform independently developed by RapidsDB is a fully parallel, distributed, in-memory federated query system that is designed to support complex analytical SQL queries running a set of heterogenous data stores with strong AI capabilities. The partnership will bolster the collaboration between the two parties to incorporate the platform into data solutions to serve government, banks, insurance companies and other large corporations in Thailand, in helping to modernize big data architecture to generate instant and actionable insights and gain competitive advantage in the age of digitalization and AI.