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Sole Chinese big data core technology software company with ISO membership

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Real-Time DBT

Outstanding, Massive and Real-Time Database Technology

Value creation for customers

Big Data
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Developed big data security and forecast platforms for public sector and government agencies in partnership with prestigious Chinese organizations and universities.

State Information Center, China Center for Information Industry Development under the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, China Software & Integration Promotion Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Renmin University of China, etc.

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World’s leading real-time big data analysis platform provider

Rapids Data Platform (RDP) is a distributed, in-memory, massive data management system that is independently developed by Rapids Data. Focused on utilizing the real-time data processing and analysis, stream database and intra-library artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Rapids Data delivers its real-time data analysis services to different clients to realize the value of data.

Industry Leading Software Solutions

Meet the scenario needs of high throughput, high concurrency and real-time analysis of various industries

Rapids Data, Enabling Big Data to Take Off!

Instant Insight like Rapids!

With global presence, continuously expanding R & D centers enable big data to take off!

The company has R&D centers and branch offices in Silicon Valley of the USA, Sydney of Australia, New Delhi of India, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Gansu in China.
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